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Tanya Sousa

Tanya Sousa - Author

Tanya grew up in Northern Vermont and spent her childhood searching for partridge eggs, catching frogs, and taking sojourns with the family dog. She turned nearly every school assignment into a chance to write a story and had to be pulled away from reading time, the books of course being animal-related tales.

She holds a BFA in Writing and is a licensed Guidance Counselor; most of her career has officially been in human services, community development, and counseling children but everything she does involves writing and animals whenever possible. For instance, she has used therapy dogs in the school setting and then wrote a book about it, then donating close to a thousand copies across Vermont and then the country.

Tanya is a prolific freelance writer and has published in "Vermont Magazine", "The Canine Chronicle", "Dog and Kennel" among other magazines, and had creative nonfiction stories in A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers and Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul Two.

She currently has two chapter books for middle readers underway and several other children's picture books, all related to our connection with animals and the need to take a long hard look at what our role is in relation to all other life.

Monique Bonneau

Monique Bonneau - Illustrator

Monique Bonneau is a promising, young author and illustrator of Children's Picture Books and Young Adult Literature. Represented by Michelle Andelman of Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Monique's illustrations tend toward an eclectic blend of old world fantasy and contemporary culture. Strongly influenced by traditional illustrators, such as Arthur Rackham and John Bauer as well modernists like Ezra Jack Keats and Alexis Deacon, Monique is also drawn to the natural world, garnering endless inspiration from Nature's palette, organic patterns, textures, and shapes.

Fairy Feast, Monique's first collaboration with Radiant Hen, features her whimsical illustrations of watercolor and pen & ink alongside the imaginative poetry of author Tanya Sousa.

O, Let Your Song Be Sung, poised for publication with Radiant Hen in Fall 2010, represents Monique's debut as author-illustrator, as she collaborates with her partner, Rebecca Sunter, to co-author this uplifting tale of a young bear struggling between her day-to-day responsibilities and creative aspirations.

In addition to Radiant Hen publications, Monique's work can also be found in Middle Grade books, landscape architecture designs, field guides, and rpg books as well as on CD covers, microbrew labels, theater posters, and websites. Click here to view Monique's website.

Katie Findall

Katie Flindall - Illustrator

Katie Flindall grew up among a menagerie of animals, plants and art on an apple orchard in rural Kansas. As a home-schooler, she had lots of free time to sketch, paint and dance ' her favorite hobbies. Now all grown up and living in Vermont, Katie has made those hobbies into lifelong careers and happy pursuits. Katie teaches dance at local studios and when not dancing is creating art. Katie has illustrated for Highlights for Children, Eating Well, Owl Square Press and is always involved in the local art scene. She and her husband live in Waterbury. Click here to visit Katie's Website

Amber Alexander

Amber Alexander - Illustrator

Amber was born and raised in Vermont, later attending the University of Vermont where she majored in Art with a minor in Art History. She has authored a children's book titled, "It's Me, Teddy", in collaboration with the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. While working with Vermont Teddy Bear, she also designed and illustrated catalogues, hang tags and packaging.

Amber has an immense love and appreciation of animals and nature. She tries to convey this respect and awe in every painting.

She says, "I am inspired by little things, like catching a glimpse of a groundhog family, the young ones not yet afraid of humans, or turkey and deer 'playing' in the yard. I envision animals living lives much like ours, with bonds, attachments, humor, and sometimes even clothes. I imagine them puttering around, tidying their abodes, meeting for tea, and sitting to have their portraits painted."

One of Amber's favorite paintings, "Eat Your Peas", depicts an all too familiar moment in her childhood and most likely one that is familiar to anyone who has ever been forced to eat food they don't like: utter disgust and dread.

Her paintings and print reproductions have made their way across the world to over 11 countries. She loves the idea of one of her creatures sitting in a frame in Japan or Italy.

Amber lives in Middlesex, Vermont with her husband John and their two reputedly insane and adorable standard poodles, Olin and Izzy. Click here to visit Amber's Website

Marion Page - Author

Marion Page was a short story writer for various magazines for many years. She was the first winner of the Ralph Nading Hill, Jr. literary prize awarded annually by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Life magazine. "A Taste of New Sugar," told of the parents of Civil War soldier William Scott (the Sleeping Sentinel) and the moment they first learned of his death. She became knowledgeable about Vermont's role in the Civil War and often spoke to students on that topic, and about her writing. Her first novel ,Dirty Mary No More, was followed by The Printer's Devil. Her skill in handling sensitive topics comes from her keen observations of people in her roles as nurse, World War II naval officer, mother and wife. Searching for Hannerester is her third novel and showcases her ability to build suspense and keep the reader going, as well as treating difficult subjects well. It is published posthumously, but fulfills her wish to keep young people reading.

Jacob Grant

Jacob Grant - Illustrator

Jacob L. Grant is an author and artist. He was first published when he was 16 years old. His first novel, "The Maker's Child," a medieval adventure story for teens, was published when he was 18. His second novel, "The Stormcaller," an adult fantasy fiction book, was published in 2007. It is book one in "The Legends of Turmak" trilogy. Jacob is a former journalist, columnist, editor and photographer for The Caledonian-Record newspaper in St. Johnsbury, VT, and now works as an editor and graphic designer for Brigantine Media, a publishing and marketing firm also in St. Johnsbury. For more information on Jacob's books and artwork, visit www.isleofturmak.com.

Rebecca Sunter

Rebecca Sunter - Author

Holding a BA in English Literature from Columbia University's Barnard College, Rebecca's passion for the written word is only surpassed by her devotion to all things green. Having satisfied endless childhood curiosities in New England's wondrous forests, Nature's patterns inform Rebecca's creative and gardening pursuits.

O' Let Your Song Be Sung is an inspiring tale of Little Black Bear's struggle between day-to-day responsibilities and creative aspirations. Poised for Radiant Hen publication in Fall 2010, the book was fashioned with co-conspirator, Monique Bonneau. Having discovered their muse in art-making and the garden, Rebecca and Monique offer O' Let Your Song Be Sung as an ode to living one's truth.

Rebecca has lived on various permaculture farms and worked as a landscape designer. She has edited non-fiction and fiction manuscripts alike, including all works from fellow author, Monique Bonneau. She currently works as a grant writer.

Jeannine B. Young - Editor

Jeannine B. Young, copy editor and proofreader, owns The Little House Desktop Publishing in West Glover, Vermont. She has also worked as a production assistant at the Chronicle in Barton, Vermont, for the past 16 years. Jeannine has a bachelor’s degree in social science, with a concentration in history, from Chapman College, Orange, California. She worked in civil service at Edwards Air Force Base, California, for 16 years, first as an administrative specialist and later as a computer specialist. She can be contacted at littlehousedtp@gmail.com.

Theresa Perron-Janowski - Graphic Artist

Theresa Perron-Janowski is responsible for the design layout and prepress of books published by Radiant Hen Publishing.

Theresa came to Radiant Hen with years of experience in the publishing business. She previously worked for Troll Press in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, as a graphic designer, Creative Pages of Stowe, Vermont, as art director and design layout person, and at Moose River Publishing in St. Johnsbury as graphic designer. Theresa also worked for the Chronicle, a local weekly newspaper, in many aspects of the newspaper business, as graphic artist, writer and photographer, production assistant/manager, and as an advertising sales representative.

Theresa has been owner of Perron Graphics in West Glover, Vermont, for 17 years, where she offers design, layout, prepress for self-publishing writers, and graphic design for local businesses advertising needs. She currently is production manager of Vermont’s Northland Journal, and design and layout of numerous books for local self-publishers including Radiant Hen, Scott Wheeler, Paul Lefebvre, Paul Daniels, and more. Theresa graduated from Lyndon State College in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in communication arts and science, with a concentration in graphic design.

Theresa was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom where she grew up on a family farm with twelve brothers and sisters. She went back to school as an adult and a mother to four children, graduating with high honors. Her children are grown now and she is a grandmother to Hunter, Simon, Fredrick, and Natasha. She enjoys photography, gardening, bird watching, and mosaic jewelry design.

She can contacted for any publishing need at tjlj@perrongraphics.com or 802.525.1115.

Kevin Fitton

Kevin Fitton - Author

Kevin developed a love for books at an early age, but it was reading Catcher in the Rye and The Invisible Man for a high school English class that made him want to be a writer. In reading and writing, Kevin is thrilled by the opportunity to dive into the inner life of a character and experience the shift that comes when seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

He holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Hope College as well as an M.A. in New Testament from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The author of several short stories, Kevin gained an expertise in children’s literature by reading to his daughters. He is publishing his first two picture books this year (2012): Higher Ground with illustrator Mary Azarian and Radiant Hen, and The New Tree with illustrator Mary Lundquist.

Kevin serves as a pastor in South Burlington, Vermont and lives with his wife and two daughters in Ferrisburgh.

Mary Azarian

Mary Azarian - Illustrator

Mary Azarian (born 1940) is an American woodcut artist and children’s book illustrator. In 1999 she won the Caldecott Medal for her book, Snowflake Bentley, a picture book of the life of Wilson Bentley.

She produces original prints and has illustrated over 50 books.

Azarian attended Smith College where she studied printmaking and painting. Before beginning her career as a full time artist, Azarian taught in a one-room schoolhouse for three years. She lives in Plainfield, Vermont. More information on Mary and her work can be found at www.maryazarian.com.

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