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O' Let Your Song Be Sung

Higher Ground

Our Newest Release, Now Available!

Order your copy from the limited edition of 1000 books for this first print. 100% of profits will benefit the Vermont Farm Disaster Relief Fund.

By: Kevin Fitton
Illustrations by: Mary Azarian

When a Hurricane strikes and causes disastrous flooding, the humans aren't the only ones who need to seek higher ground!
A story of kindness, love and inner strength that is sure to become an instant classic

An Excerpt from the book:

"Now, unless you're a dairy farmer this may be hard to understand, but those cows are part of our family. We feed them, and by giving us their milk, they feed us too..."

Price: $10.95 plus shipping

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Radiant Hen Titles Receive Moonbeam Awards!

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"The Radiant Hen titles, Searching for Hannerester (Marion Page, Illustrated by Jacob L. Grant) and Life is a Bowl of Cherry Pits (Tanya Sousa, Illustrated by Katie Flindall) both won silver medals in The Moonbeam Children's Book Awards! Searching won the pre-teen fiction category. The package of Life is a Bowl of Cherry Pits, Vermont Teddy Bear's 'Take Along Teddy', and the read-along CD by Pronto ProductionZ won the 'book with merchandise' category. Radiant Hen would like to thank everyone involved."
Thanks! - Tanya

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