Radiant Hen Publishing - Books for Children and Adults who care.

Radiant Hen Mission

The mission of Radiant Hen is to publish books for children and adults that:

  • Encourage good citizenship
  • Encourage kindness to all living things
  • Encourage environmental awareness and debate
  • Raise awareness of Vermont places and people for Vermont children
  • Raise awareness of where food comes from and sustainable agriculture

The mission of Radiant Hen is also to:

  • Incubate new, promising authors and artists
  • Offer reasonable compensation and support to all who work for or partner with Radiant Hen
  • Provide community service via donations of books, workshops other services


Books had an enormous impact on each Radiant Hen member, guiding and shaping much of who we are. Stories helped us imagine, question, think and believe. On a fall day, the logo and idea for a publishing company was born--a hen, radiant over the arrival of her egg. It is an image of loving parenthood, the birth of possibilities, and the joy that can come from both.

Radiant Hen was formed by educators and artists already trying to make a difference in schools or other organizations. However, working within these settings often meant arts and philanthropy had to take a back seat to regulations and standards that have little to do with real-world success and happiness. It was time for us to put philanthropy and the arts first, and to make a difference in a new way.

Radiant Hen is the culmination of many years of combined experience in counseling, teaching, writing and painting. With these skills and experiences, we decided to encourage thoughtfulness and kindness through engaging stories and beautiful artwork. These are the tried and true languages of humankind.

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